Lighting for Public Places



The Atlas Series Solar Street Light combines beautiful aesthetics with outstanding performance. It has a battery lifespan of over eight years, a simple installation process and seven nights of lighting, even on low charge days. It has three modes of lighting and a motion sensor built in. It’s all you need in a solar light.

Suitable for parks, pools, community centres, bicycle ways, carparks or in places where no grid power is available



Parking lots, parks, or that dark spot, the IBOX will provide light wherever you need it most. Multiple lighting modes available to suit your needs, while remote control access means you can change the light setting.

Available in 15 W, 22 W, 35 W and 50 W



The Arges is an integrated intelligent solarlight, constructed of aluminium alloy and tempered glass and incorporating PIR sensor.
Wall and pole mounting options for 30 W and 45 W. The 60 W and 100 W models are pole mounted.

Ideal for parks, recreation areas, carparks, universities, schools, caravan parks, pathways, pedestrian areas.



A popular solar light for various outdoor applications with option for both wall and pole mounting and incorporating PIR sensor.

Two lighting modes:
A. 10% brightness increasing to 100% brightness upon PIR activation.
B. 30% brightness increasing to 100% brightness upon PIR activation.



A robust and powerful outdoor solar light incorporating a larger area of solar cells and increased battery storage. The brilliant white light saturates large areas and LED panels can be angled to achieve desired spread.

It has a detachable battery pack for easy maintenance. There are 10 lighting modes.

Especially suitable for security flood lighting and outdoor commercial workspaces.



The solar Billboard Light is proving especially effective in the illumination of outdoor signs and billboards. It has a separate solar panel connected by cable and is designed where the panel must be installed away from the solar light so as to receive sunlight. It is primarily designed to illuminate billboards though can be used for other applications requiring a separate solar panel.



The UFO Landscape Light is a versatile signature solar light that appeals in any setting. It is easy and inexpensive to install with no cabling. The remote control enables the light to be adjusted to the local environment. It has a 360 degree lighting area.

Ideal for courtyards, parks, recreation areas, pathways and pedestrian areas.



A versatile solar light adaptable to many situations. The separate panel is connected by cable which allows illumination for under cover areas. This light has an indoor option enabling daytime use in sheds, remote workshops and remote clinics. There is an LED indicator for battery charge. The panel cable may be disconnected, and the light used as a portable lighting source.

Ideal for tradesman, farmers, landscapers and all remote locations where indoor or outdoor lighting is required.