Bright future on horizon with solar in the city

“West Australian Newspaper”


Solar researchers from leading Australian company Star 8 Solar joined forces with local government representatives last week to discuss how Bunbury could be more sustainable by using solar powered infrastructure.

Star 8 Solar has extensive mechanical and electrical experience in Australia and internationally looking at alternative power solutions including air conditioners, electrical switchboards and hot water systems.

Cardno business development manager Keith Palmer organised the forum at VAT 2 Bunbury to improve the sustainability of the South West.

“This is a high powered group of people who have experience developing solar buildings around the world and local government would love to do it, they just don’t know how,” he said.

“We are showing examples of how buildings have been designed with solar in mind to form part of the construction, like walls and pathways for example.”

Star 8 Solar director Ian Lancaster said he loved to see sustainable actions happen in any form and the conversation was starting to happen in Bunbury.

“Bunbury is on the edge of huge opportunities and if we can build integrated solar into the roof tiles, I see that as a good benefit,” he said.

Technical consultant Neil Thompson said it was invaluable having people from international locations come together, because it gave local governments and businesses the opportunity to demystify some of the costs of implementing solar powered products.

Dolphin Discovery Centre general manager David Kerr said upgrades to the centre involved looking at how to build sustainability into the design and operations.

“One of the issues we face at the centre is power and because we have live animals, if the power goes out then we can lose them, so it would be beneficial to have an alternative power source,” he said.

“Solar and wind is part of the design process we are looking at.”

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